Hyperpigmentation and Natural Healing Options

Hyperpigmentation is when the cells produce too much melanin in spots about the body that result in dark patches over the skin, usually the hands, face and shoulders, but can also be found along the feet and arms. Supposedly, because these parts of the body are exposed to the effects of the sun and if there is an abnormal production of melanin on these areas of the skin, exposure will cause hyperpigmentation resulting in some parts of the skin being darker than other parts. This is considered an abnormal or medical condition. For those with this condition, it can be quite alarming and distract from the individual’s appearance. And like any other skin condition, it causes anguish making the person want to hide their hands or face, which is not easy to do. The only solution is getting rid of the spots in the most natural way possible.
Natural remedies for Hyperpigmentation of the skin
One of the first preventative treatments for hyperpigmentation is to use sunscreen, which helps block the UV rays of the sun. However, if you already have this skin condition, chose one of the natural remedies to try and erase it. Although there are no guarantees that you’ll be able to completely get rid of the discoloration, it is worth a try. Still, it is advised that you visit a dermatologist prior to settling on any treatment even a natural one.

Avocado Treatment
After peeling an avocado and mashing it up, apply it to the area on your skin that is hyperpigmented. Do this daily until you begin to see signs of improvement, which may take up to three months.  Be patient. Avocados are thought to work because they contain unsaturated fatty acids, Oleic acid, Vitamin E which are healing and soothing to the skin.
Coco Butter
For three weeks, apply coco butter, an antioxidant, to the skin where hyperpigmentation has occurred.  Massage the area completely. This remedy is thought to emulsify scar tissue and increase blood circulation thereby getting rid of the condition.
Raw Potato Juice
Put into a juicer one or two raw potatoes. Swab the juice on the affected area. Potato starch supposedly is a bleaching agentthat washes away the signs of hyperpigmentation. Make a fresh solution with each application for about 10 days.Written & Photographed by Erica Ruth©July 2012


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