Cultivate Your Inner Beauty

photo by Ollie Dantzler 2010

photo Ollie Dantzler 2010

The most beautiful feature any person has is their inner beauty. People who know laughter, look for the inner beauty in others, and show love are the most beautiful people in the world. There are so many physically attractive people who ruin their beauty with their behavior. Conversely, there are people who may be considered physically unattractive who brighten the spirits of others and leave people looking forward to the next time they will interact. The ability to be truly alluring comes from inside of you.

Each person has their own unique beauty. How do you cultivate your inner beauty? First you have to identify it. You can usually tell when you are exhibiting one of your best inner qualities by how you feel. You may be participating in an activity that involves others or only yourself. If you feel good and are at peace that is a cue. Once you find yourself feeling peace identify what your joy is stemming from. For example, I am at peace when listening to others talk about their lives. It doesn’t matter to me whether they are happy or whether they are sad. I will listen. I can understand what they are saying at their deepest level and I have a knack for making them feel heard, respected and appreciated. This is my most beautiful quality. I am a good listener. I feel like I am truly beautiful and amazing each time someone thanks me for listening to them. This is how I share love. My joy lies in knowing that I have helped someone else feel good about themselves.

You may or may not know what your most beautiful inner quality is. If you know then good for you. If you don’t know follow these simple steps and it will be revealed:

1. Identify when you are at peace.
2. Identify what is bringing you to a state of calmness and inner joy.
3. Find out how can you make that quality multiply in your life and your interactions with other.

Are you at peace when you are cooking, taking photographs, gardening, writing, jogging, painting, working at your career, traveling, teaching, or caring for someone? Whatever it is once you identify it, then you can analyze it. What is it about the activity that relaxes you and makes you feel good? Revel in the beauty that is you. Celebrate and share the good vibes with those you interact with. Find your peace in laughter, the inner beauty of others, and then find ways to share your special gift with the world and you will be on the road to cultivating your inner beauty.

Written By Erica Ruth
Photograph Ollie Dantzler
© August 2012


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