Release Your Inner Drag Queen

Women typically have reservations about wearing wigs. They fear looking like they are wearing something fake, looking too glamorous, or drawing too much attention. Some women even fear going into a wig salon.

A drag queen would never worry about any of these things. In fact their goal is to look over the top glamorous, draw lots of attention, and they use a lot of tools to meet their objective. A wig is definitely on the top of their supply list. They crave the glamour a wig can bring to their look and the attention they receive. The idea of putting on a wig and changing their hair style and color, along with their persona, within 60 seconds flat excites them!

At Chocolate Bella, our goal is to explore the many ways a woman can feel her beauty as it radiates from within. A wig can bring to life aspects of yourself that you may not usually express, or even know existed. Wigs are a tool every woman should have in her beauty arsenal. Glamour and excitement can be right around the corner.

In this video, Stylist, Coco Elysses, shares with us how to release any inhibitions we may have about wearing a wig. She shows you an effective techniques for achieving a very natural look.

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