Action…Not Guilt

Action is where your focus should be not on guilt.

you're shaking with guiltIf you have regrets about something that you have experienced or done to someone else, do not let guilt be a final step in your growth. So many people allow their mistakes to consume them. It feels horrible when you don’t live up to your self-expectations. It’s even more psychologically upsetting when you don’t live up to your loved ones expectations. If you are experiencing this here are some suggestions.

Say these three things out loud right now to banish guilt:

1. The situation I feel guilt about is over.

2. I forgive myself and I love myself.

3. This is the first moment of the rest of my life.

Do these three things to move away from guilt and focus on action:

1. Look at the situation and analyze why you feel guilty about what you have or have not done.

2. Decide what you will do from now on, making sure it does not lead to more guilt.

3. Move forward from that moment and do not look back.

English: Mount Sodom, Israel, showing the so-c...

If you look back it will stall your growth like Lot’s wife, who looked back at Sodom and Gomorrah. Even though her name wasn’t mentioned in the bible, she was a woman who deserved a name. Some say she was called Edith, Iris, Idit, Irit, Adith, or Ildeth. Whatever her name was, to me she is a metaphor for what happens when you allow bitterness  and remorse to creep in and take hold of you. She felt bitter when she looked back, she didn’t want to leave and remorse dried up her effervescence and she became devoid of life; a pillar of salt.

Stay loose, stay growing, do not turn into salt. Whatever happened yesterday leave it in the past. Move forward, grow, stay in motion. Do not allow remorse and guilt to dry you up and turn you into salt. Embrace action, not guilt!


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