Make Family Time A Priority

Family Time Doesn’t Just Happen

Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since you’ve had a post from Chocolate Bella. April, 2013 to be exact. This is Erica Ruth and I’m here to tell you all where we’ve been.

First of all, this summer, was devoted specifically to spending time with family. Typically we spend most of our time going to school, to work, developing businesses, taking care of everything that is related to these areas of life. My two oldest children had jobs, and my two youngest children were tutors or had small business ventures. Recreation was slotted around those other priorities. This summer we decided to do something a little different. This summer our goal was to spend time with each other. We made family time the priority, and allowed all those other responsibilities to get worked around us. I would suggest that every family take time to do this. You can do this once a week, take a week and go on vacation, or take a whole season like we did. The way you do it is not the point. The point is that you do it.

Just walking together can be a great way to spend family time.

Just walking together can be a great way to spend family time.

You Must Make A Decision To Create The Space For Family Time

The decision to devote the summer to family time was based on the fact that our family had gone through a lot. We had recently lost my mother. This was my children’s grandmother and my husband’s mother-in-law. Everyone was deeply impacted by their loss. She became ill the summer of 2011 and passed away in the spring of 2012. Our family ended up with extreme brain fog, floating around, not really present.

The summer of 2013 the fog lifted a bit. We started to breathe again and be in the present. My oldest son was returning to college for his sophomore year, and my oldest daughter was going to be leaving for college for first time, in the fall. This was, in my mind, the last summer that we would have as a family to really, really focus on each other before the family dynamic shifted, tremendously. To go from having four kids at home, to three kids at home and then two kids at home seemed like a big shift. I wanted us to bond closely before the transition.

Here is a video of our family time.

In closing, you see how much fun we had. This has been some kind of summer. There were college orientations, there were mother/daughter trips, there were times that we decided we would visit a neighboring town, randomly pick a restaurant and just go in and experience it. We played laser tag (quite often), which I must say, I love! You could say I’m a laser tag freak now.

A Fun Low Cost Way To Spend Family Time

One of our favorite, low-cost, family time activity was T.V. marathons. We choose television programs on Netflix, and watched the episodes in order. My oldest daughter, Ankobia, my youngest daughter, Naphtalia, my youngest son, Rahmaan, and I were fanatics for Vampire Diaries. My oldest son, Luqmann, and my husband, Kevin, loved watching Breaking Bad. My husband’s favorite was Law and Order Special Victims Unit. We enjoyed snacks, good company, and a great show that sparked laughter filled conversations.

We’re a tight-knit family, we enjoy being together, but when our focus was each other for an extended period of time it bonded the family even more.

Remember a day, a week, a month, or a season devoted to family time can bring a family closer. Make the decision as a family to say, “Family time is priority, we are priority.”

I enjoyed this summer and I’m happy that we’re back. Look forward to seeing interesting articles from myself, Ankobia and Naphtalia. Chocolate Bella is back on the map! Welcome to the new era of Chocolate Bella…

We look forward to hearing any ideas that may have been sparked by this article. Please leave comments and subscribe.

photo credit Erica Ruth.


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