Chocolate Bella is a collaborative venture between mother and daughters, Erica, Ankobia, and Naphtalia Ruth.

Chocolate Bella l to r Naphtalia, Ankobia, and Erica Ruth.

Chocolate Bella Contributors l to r: Naphtalia, Ankobia, and Erica Ruth.

We are passionate about beauty, fashion, and the way they transform how someone looks and how they feel.

This blog is dedicated to helping women of all ages cultivate their physical and inner beauty . When these aspects of a woman are balanced she is confident and open to life’s wonderful opportunities.

We want to give a special thank you to Rahmaan Ruth our Son, our brother and thankfully our tech specialist.

Rahmaan Ruth

Rahmaan Ruth

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings
    I am enjoying your site. I love seeing how you are providing valuable information regarding how to build a strong family unit, plus you show us, by example how to include the family in it’s presentation to the online community. I see that Rahmann has the same name. Is he your son?

    I look forward to following Chocolate Bella!

    Warm regards
    Coco Elysses

    • Thank you Coco Elysses, for reading and enjoying our site. I absolutely appreciate your kind words. Yes Rahmaan is my son. We appreciate his valuable technical skills, we couldn’t do it without him. Thanks for following and sharing what you like about Chocolate Bella. Your comments will help us to develop a strong community.

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