Lipstick: Don’t Leave Home Without It.

Feel beautiful inside and out wearing your favorite lipstick color. Photo Naphtalia Ruth 2012


Lip tints, lip dyes or lipsticks are products that young females plead with their moms to use starting as young as age 12 and that older women continue using up to age 90 (even if they put it on crooked). Lipstick had to be invented, had to come into existence, because anything with so much impact on a female’s life was just waiting to be discovered. From ancient times until now, lip color has undergone various stages. Once there were only a few colors, but now more hues and tints than ever before are distributed for every skin color.

The brand that my daughters and I regularly use is IMAN’s Moisturizing Lipstick. It is not just a lipstick, but lip color that is especially formulated for women of color. Iman’s lip color doesn’t only make the claim that it smoothes and moisturizes lips, it actually does. Like my daughters and I, most women have a favorite brand and/or color and, of course, many women apply only lip-gloss, preferring only the faintest hint of color, still they are applying what is essentially lipstick. So where did it all start?

Fun Facts about Your Favorite Makeup – Lipstick!

According to records, the use of lip color began in Mesopotamia approximately 5000 thousand years ago. However, because human vanity is as old as humankind, lip dyes (or its equivalent) were most likely in use long before recorded history. Although it wasn’t called lipstick (a term that came into use around 1884 where the name debuted in Paris), lip tints and dyes were definitely in use.

Exactly which substances were used to achieve tinted lips is uncertain, but it’s supposed that pigments, dyes and ground sand, were most likely in play. What is more certain is that this singular makeup was initially reserved for royalty (queens, princesses, baronesses, countesses). However, Egyptian female royalty weren’t the only ones who wore makeup in ancient times; male royalty wore it, too! That is because makeup in general, and lipstick in particular, doesn’t just make a person feel beautiful; it adds to their overall stature and dignity while also conveying an aura of mystery.  When outsiders look at the individual, they see someone who cares for their appearance and that is always a beautiful thing. Aside from that, when females wear lipstick they receive an immediate feeling of positive self-regard.

Just think, a woman can slip on the most expensive suit of finely woven fabrics, slip her feet into a pair of well-crafted designer heels and carry an expensive luxury handbag that makes other women turn “green with envy”, but until she glides that stick of color across her lips, she’s not fully dressed and she knows it. That is why at the risk of being late for work; women will race around the house searching for a misplaced tube.

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips.

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Common Lipstick Ingredients

The modern woman has the privilege of enhancing her features and bringing her face to life with beautiful lip colors in various shades that are too numerous to count, most lipsticks have these common ingredients:

• Oils (coco butter, lanolin, olive oil, castor oil)
• Wax (paraffin, beeswax)
Emollients (aloe, E Vitamins)

These ingredients moisturize and soften the lips. They are also deemed safe for most women. However, for those with sensitive skin, hypoallergenic lipsticks are now available in an array of colors. Therefore, whether you are partial to “Iman’s Moisturizing Lip Color” or another brand, you don’t have to worry. If you are allergic to some of the common ingredients in regular brands, simply purchase one of the hypoallergenic brands.

There is some controversy about the period when lipstick in it’s present form (encased in a cylinder tube, that when turned, swivels upward until the lipstick appears over the top of the tube’s edge) was invented. The earliest claim is 1915 and the latest is 1940. What is more certain is that when it was created, movies stars popularized it in the 20s and 30s; therefore, it was in use at least by the 1920s and before 1940. So in all likelihood, it was invented around or after 1915. Whenever it was invented, women now carry at least one tube in their handbag or purse when they leave home.

Lipstick and lipgloss

Lipstick and lip gloss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, we live in a world where lipstick is the norm and thus taken for granted. We get up in the morning, reach for a cylinder of red, burgundy, or even black (a color that was also worn by royalty) without a second thought. We even refuse to wear full makeup, but won’t hesitate to apply a luxurious lipstick or tinted lip-gloss before even going to the grocery store. It makes us feel and look beautiful and that, my friend, puts a smile on any females’ ruby red lips.

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